Krunchie with Yachts

Krunchie with Yachts

Proinnsias - Krunchie As

"Proinnsias" sounds the same as "Krunchie as," except with a P instead of a K. I was christened "Francis Killeen," but adopted the Irish form of this name "Proinnsias Ó Cillín." ("Cillín," which means "treasure," sounds exactly the same as "Killeen"). Some people have difficulty pronouncing "Proinnsias," and some children in my neighbourhood called me "Krunchie," a nickname that stuck.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Flat Income Tax - Fair Play to Renua

Fair Play to Renua for promising Flat Income Tax. As you know, it was already in my Manifesto. It will be a hard sell, but is a good policy.

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