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Krunchie with Yachts

Proinnsias - Krunchie As

"Proinnsias" sounds the same as "Krunchie as," except with a P instead of a K. I was christened "Francis Killeen," but adopted the Irish form of this name "Proinnsias Ó Cillín." ("Cillín," which means "treasure," sounds exactly the same as "Killeen"). Some people have difficulty pronouncing "Proinnsias," and some children in my neighbourhood called me "Krunchie," a nickname that stuck.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Election time - what's the job?

Tomorrow I will vote for persons who:
  • At local level, will seem to be able for the endless meetings and get a grip on how things are actually achieved (spoofing or Complaining really don't solve all those continual nitty gritty problems)
  • At European level, will have the wit and application to do the job, which entails reading detailed legislative proposals concerning environmental standards, consumer protection, trade, and employment law (but not about health, education, housing, law & order or defence); as well as being part of international delegations and receiving outside delegations, confabbing with groups and alignments within the parliament, and meaningfully relating back to me, and their other constituents, I mean giving an account of how they rolled up their sleeves and achieved meaningful results.
The work of parliament and council is not glamorous; it is continuous and detailed. As to the headline policies, my mates in the pub account for these aspects satisfactorily. It is the other guys we need on the  council and in the European Parliament.

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