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"Proinnsias" sounds the same as "Krunchie as," except with a P instead of a K. I was christened "Francis Killeen," but adopted the Irish form of this name "Proinnsias Ó Cillín." ("Cillín," which means "treasure," sounds exactly the same as "Killeen"). Some people have difficulty pronouncing "Proinnsias," and some children in my neighbourhood called me "Krunchie," a nickname that stuck.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Review 2015 Resolutions

Time to review my 2015 Resolutions and reflect on future plans. Too much was covered in the 2015 Resolutions: some could only be achieved at the expense of others, given my declining energy as I advance in age. I list last year's resolutions below and comment on how and to what extent I achieved each.

The actual high-lights of the year had little contribution from myself. They were my sister, Sr Mary Killeen's, shocking address to the Pope when he visited Kenya and Clareville Daycare Centre (managed by my wife, Teresa) winning the Irish Pride of Place competition in the "Age-friendy community initiative," category.

I do conribute a little to the Clareville activities. I play tin-whistle there almost on a weekly basis, accompanied by guitar, and am with the Invincibles band when they play. Visiting our oldest resident, temporarily hospitalised, on Christmas Eve, I was pleased to hear him say how much he enjoys our band- playing the old tunes. As he sits beside his bed in the hospital, he tells me he reminisces about times gone by and remembers the music in the dance halls of his youth: the jigs and reels, the hopping around and the occasional spirited shout. From his area of the country comes Brendan Shine and Foster and Allen, and I am pleased to hear the Invincibles included in the same breath. He recalls that there were two families of Shine in his parish, and it was Boher Shine who built and played in the local dance hall.

My best moment of joy was when the congregation in the little Church of the Resurrection in Glasnevin Cemetery started to clap along with our Angels We Have Heard On High medley.

Of course, these highlights come from the latter end of the year. Had I been writing this blog earlier in the year, I would have remembered different highlights and moments of joy.

Last year's resolutions listed and commented:

  1. Gozo Coastal Walk: done in April, when the yellow and crimson wild flowers were at their best.
  2. Get out for a walk, long or short, every day, rain or shine: done, more or less. Actually, there are fewer rainiy days in Glasnevin, Dublin, than one might expect, but, wearing good rain-gear these are as enjoyable as the fine days.
  3. Prepare for market signed prints of 3 or 4 series of my paintings, i.e., (1) Fireside Scenes, (2) Coloured Pencil sketches, (3) Oil-style paintings, (4) Other: Not done; if you are out and about, you are not spending time on indoor chores.
  4. Add to Krunchie's Manifesto items on People Registration and Abolition of Criminal Law: done, but People Registration  became Identifiation.
  5. Extend my Shares Watch to include watching for coming spikes: Some spikes were caught, but I concentrated more on the vagaries of EUR/USD.
  6. Add more items to Krunchie's World from my photo collections, together with account of how places affected my thinking; Well, my Gozo walk was added, without comment, but generally speaking I was too lazy to put in the time and effort.
  7. Progress my projects on Krunchie's Cab, Single Button Keyboard and Simplified Land Titling:Not much done about that. I recommenced my perusal of Turing's theorem that there are non-computable numbers (which I dispute) but doubt that I can acquire the technical competence in Math to publish my refutal.
  8. Record some of my tunes: Not done. A CD is in preparation of the Clareville Centre choir, with assistance from the Invincibles and contributions from the local  community on "The Graves of Glasnevin" due to be recorded before the end of January and put on sale by Easter 2016 (proceeds in aid of Clareville Day-care Centre). Perhaps, after that I will have  time to prepare my own tunes!
  9. Reduce consumption of wine and monitor my collesterol level: This is a difficult one. Too much wine makes me sluggish, but I love it. It was once thought that cholesterol levels, in so far as they have external  cause, are the result of a high fat diet, but it is now realised that the main culprits are sugar and wheat content. Wine certainly boosts the sugar levels and so pushes the figures up. I enjoy protein foods and vegetables, but also like to dine out every day (gets me walking) and restaurants, regretably, add gratuitous sugar content to all dishes. So, I have succumbed to taking a little daily dose of statin. Walking is another important antidote.
  10. Reflect on and explain The Second Sixty-five: This awaits my attention. One aspect that needs comment is the need for us, as we advance in years, to remain active. My 102 year old neighbour has always made a point of getting out every day, and so do I. (Until very recently, as well as attending the Day-care Centre, he has been walking to the pub and the bookies every day, collecting his pension from the neighbouring village, where he used to live, and shopping and cooking for himself at weekends, an epitome of the motto "Be Active; Be Alive").
  11. Continue fortnightly tin-whistle/ poetry performance; perhaps more at new  venues: Done, and in progress.
  12. Take a step every day towards an objective from the above list: Still a good idea, but too easily resolved by going for a walk. However, as years pass, the walk is a high priority.

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